Home to a rich variety of Wildlife

Tana River County is home to a rich variety of wildlife in the riverine forests and delta. The endangered species of the Red Colobus Monkey and the Tana River Crested Mangabey  are only found in the Tana delta region within East Africa . Other primates found here include Sykes and vervet monkey yellow baboon and three types of bush baby. There are also 57 species of mammal including; lion, giraffe, buffalo, blue monkey, baboon, Gravy’s and Burchell’s zebra, Oryx, lesser kudu and various squirrels. There is also a small seasonal population of the endangered Hirola. monkey, lions and crocodiles.

Photo credits :

  1. Colobus Monkey – Ed and Liz Harris. All Rights Reserved
  2. Crocodile – Derek Keatz. Photo licensed under creative commons license 2.0