ICT and Energy

ICT is playing a significant role in the development of the County. The Department falls under the office of the Governor headed by the Chief Officer ICT assisted by the County ICT Manager and other ICT personnel. ICT infrastructure and E-Governance adoption is a source of concern in the County. The Government of Tana River will leverage ICT to increase public sector productivity by enabling the delivery of County Government services for the people, communities and businesses, supporting open engagement to better informed decisions, and improving the operations of government by utilizing ICT to deliver better services and processes aligned with Government policy.
The Information Communication Technology functions cross cuts along all departments in Tana River County and therefore seek to address the connectivity and harnessing of the emerging technologies to enhance effective and efficient service delivery. Modernizing the infrastructure and services that support operations in the county is a priority of the department.
The County Government is focused on establishing a cluster of technology firms developing public service solutions based in or connected to Tana River County.


Our Vision

A world class provider of cost-effective energy and ICT infrastructure facilities and services.


To provide efficient, affordable and reliable energy and ICT infrastructure for sustainable economic growth and development through construction, modernization, rehabilitation and effective management of all energy and ICT infrastructure facilities.

Values and principles

• Entrepreneurship and innovation.
• Open communication and mutual respect
• Honesty, integrity, and fairness
• Excellence in reputation, achievement, and service to our nation.
• Teamwork and collaboration
• Transparency, accountability and personal responsibility.


  1. To develop an ICT ready workforce
  2. To digitilize major operations in the county in order to promote efficiency and improve service delivery.
  3. To build capacity on the Importance of ICT in National Development
  4. To enhance information dissemination up to the village level.

Current range of functions performed

The departments key activities include:-

  1. Development of ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation
  2. System Analysis and Design
  3. Acquisition/ Provision of hardware & software
  4. Automation of core County services – Networking among others.
  5. Data management services
  6. Technical Support Services
  7. Website design and development
  8. Maintain server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration
  9. Staff Training/ Training end users
  10. Information Dissemination

Current major programmes and projects under implementation by department:-

Acquisition of ICT infrastructure in line with user’s needs (iPads, Desktop computers, tablets, Laptops, Servers, Intercom facilities, printers)

Networking of Tana River County Government offices (structured cabling).
The County Government is keen to increase public sector productivity by enabling the delivery of services through utilization and management of information systems to run its operations. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure fiber optic network reaches everywhere in the County. The County Government has networked its Headquarters using Local Area Networks (LAN) and budgeted to network its offices using structured cabling. Currently, the offices are under construction and survey on structured cabling is on course and will be installed upon completion. The County Government is also planning to have all sub counties connected through Virtual Private Networks; WAN and LAN for ease of revenue collection and management.
Internet Connectivity
The County is in the process of expanding internet usage in the various county offices. The County Government headquarter office utilizes the use of wireless networks (WiFi) and cable internet to access internet services. This has enhanced smooth running of operations since communication has been made easier.
Installation of CCTV cameras/security systems
• Installation of VOIP in the County Headquarters and sub counties
• Upgrading of County’s Website.
The County’s website www.tanariver.go.ke is up and running. It is maintained by ICT staff. All departments are giving information on their current developments to be posted on the website.
ICT policy and strategic plan
Key for harmonious implementation of ICT, programme for the County, is supportive legislative framework and policies to fast track integration of ICT in all services. The county Assembly will make appropriate laws and guidelines to steer ICT programme implementation in the county.
Management information systems
The County Government of Tana River currently uses various types of Management Information Systems in their daily operations and they include the following:
• Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) – For Management of Expenditure.
b) Integrated Payroll and Personnel Database (IPPD) – Management of payroll).

One of our objectives is to ensure that wananchi have access to information . Besides the County Website, our department has plans to set up Radio station and launch a County News paper (monthly). We have sent out an Expression of Interest for consultancy of the Tana FM Radio station in the county. The project will be implemented under the department of ICT in Tana River. The Information Officer will be directly involved in the whole process up to the very end. This will however create job vacancies for the people of Tana River.

Communication is a key aspect when we are dealing with Information, one of our challenges inadequate communication channels due to lack of telecommunication networks. The department of ICT in Tana River is persistently lobbying for mobile phone service provides to set up transmitters in regions within the county where there is none.


A clean, renewable and reliable energy for all.


To facilitate the provision of efficient, affordable, sustainable and reliable energy to boost the county’s socio-economic growth and development.

  1. To provide efficient, environmental friendly energy for the people of Tana River

  2. To improve accessibility of energy to the people of Tana River

  3. To build capacity on the available energy sources, and offer safe alternative energy for daily use.

  4. To exploit bioenergy within the county to serve the people of Tana River County.

Current functions being performed
  • Expansion of Power Connectivity in collaboration with Rural Electrification Authority.

  • Upscaling of Households Energy Access .

  • Capacity Building and Promotion of Alternative Sources of Energy.

  • Correspondence with stakeholders in the Energy sector.

  • Rural Electrification Projects

  • Solar Lighting of Streets and Market Centres in the County.

  • Stabilization of Power Supply.

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