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VISION:To Provide healthy and clean environment , protect , develop and manage natural resources for environmental stability and socio-economic advancement for Tana River county.

MISSION:To protect and improve the environment and natural resources for the people Tana River County and Kenya, through environmental awareness, execution of laws and regulations, social contribution and strengthening initiatives for sustainable environmental and natural resources management.

About the Department

The department is headed by theThe CEM in charge of Environment Wildlife and Natural Resources. This department comprises of the following sub sectors:

Environment & Wildlife


Environmental protection and management ensures protection of forests. The department works closely with agencies like NEMA, KWS, KFS and other aligned departments and NGOs. Our goal is to turn each household into a main driver of environmental conservation. We have e laborate plans to sensitize communities across the county on importance of environmental conservation.


There are many natural resources available in the county, which have not yet been tapped.

The Tana River Delta is the second most important estuarine and deltaic ecosystem in Eastern Africa .It comprises of a diverse range of habitats that support a rich diversity of wildlife and plants.The rare species of monkeys in Tana primate reserve are TanaMangabey ( Cercocebusgaleritus ) . The Tana River mangabey is a medium-sized, long-tailed monkey with a yellowish-brown coat, and a centre parting on the crown with very long, darker fur diverging from it on either side. Like allCercocebus , this species possesses white eyelids that contrast with the dark colour of the face, a feature thought to aid visual communication through facial expression.The molars of this species are long and the incisors are very large, allowing this mangabey to exploit hard seeds in it.Other species of monkey are Tana River Red Colobus ( Procolobusrufomitratusrufomitratus ) and White-collared Monkey (Cercopithecusmitisalbotorquatus )


We intend to improve tree cover by planting more trees in the county so as to Encourage carbon credits trading and Planting of medicinal plants.We are also intending to sensitize the farming communities to set aside part of their land for tree planting in order to achieve 10 per cent tree cover.

Natural Resourses

The department of environment,Wildlife and Natural resources has the mandate of ensuring a clean,healthy and protected environment for the people of Tana River County through sustainable exploitation of natural resources. The department has the following sub departments; Mining which deals with mineral exploration mainly Gypsum. Gypsum is one of the minerals that is found in large quantities in this county.It is mainly found in Tana North District especially in the area of Bilbil , Charidende,Madogo and Bangali. Gypsum is a very soft sulphate mineral composed of calcium sulphate dihydrate . It is the most common sulphate mineral inthe world .Although it has many uses the world over, in Kenya, gypsum is commercially mined for use as a component of Portland cement where its function is to prevent flash setting of concrete. It is therefore an important construction material that has been used for thousands of years.

Almost all the gypsum mined from Tana River county is sold to 5 cement manufacturing companies located in Athi River. These are: Athi River Mining, Bamburi Portland Cement, East African Portland Cement, Savanna Cement and Simba Cement.

Currently, all the gypsum used in all these cement factories in the country is either sourced from Tana River county or imported. This sector plays an important role in socio- economic development .The mining sub- sector has potential of significantly contributing to the counties economy

I wish to invite investors to set up cement factories in this county.This will create more job opportunities for locals hence reducing the high rate of poverty .


Investments that have been earmarked and progress has been established are mining of gypsum, charcoal production(mathenge)


Currently there are some challenges in the mining sector. The large-scale miners use heavy machinery mainly bulldozers, excavators, loaders and stone crushers. Their destruction to the environment is severe. Large tracts of land had been mined with no rehabilitation and restoration for many years. This had left the mining sites with unfilled excavated areas or hills of gypsum soil in areas requiring rehabilitation.Inorder to address the above challenges in November 2013 I called for stakeholders meeting which was attended by directors of the mining companies and community representatives.Among the issues discussed was rehabilitation of degraded sites.

Quarrying activities

Tana river County is endowed with a lot of natural resources for building houses and road construction.Examples are hardcore, ballast and murram.Sand Harvesting activities is done in several areas.sand is used for building, making bricks among other activities.

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